Our History

Gema Worldwide Headquarters
St. Gallen, Switzerland

Gema Switzerland GmbH is a leading supplier in the area of electrostatic powder coating with a worldwide presence. Around the world there are more than 3,500 automatic systems with booths and far more than 250,000 powder guns from Gema in use. From simple hand coating through to fully automated powder coating, this Swiss company offers solutions that meet the high demands and requirements of customers around the world in a wide range of industrial sectors. Since 2012, Gema has been a part of the global Graco Group, an internationally leading manufacturer of liquid conveyance systems and components. 

These technologically advanced and high-quality devices and systems are developed and manufactured at Gema Switzerland's headquarters in St.Gallen. A state-of-the-art coating laboratory is available to customers for coating experiments. The findings are then integrated into the design of complex coating systems with the result being customer-specific, tailor-made solutions.

Other Gema facilities located in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, UK, and USA along with a broad network of distributors in more than 60 countries around the world sell the products to a wide range of industrial users. The company’s service network, which spans the globe, guarantees professional support on-site, at any time and any place.

Gema North America
Indianapolis, Indiana

In 1971, Gema's Research Department was the first to successfully integrate the generation of high voltages into a spraying gun. With it, Gema was placed at the focus of international attention and received numerous prizes and awards. In the years thereafter and even today, Gema has been characterized by the following innovative solutions in the technical development of surface technology: 

  • Electrostatic powder coating guns with integrated high-voltage cascade
  • Fully automatic powder ejection controls
  • Flat spray nozzles with aerated central electrode
  • MagicCylinder, MagicPlus, MagicCompact and EquiFlow quick color change systems
  • SuperCorona® for low-ionic charging
  • MagicCenter and OptiCenter powder management systems
  • OptiSpeeder fully automatic powder conveyance system

The R&D experts at Gema continue to set new standards for the powder coating industry that will increase productivity for users around the world.